Below is the current schedule for 2017 workshops. I would be pleased to have you join us on one of our exciting workshop offerings for 2017. 

Iceland: Land of the Midnight Sun Full Circle Tour with Nick Page

Dates/Itinerary  8 Days (Saturday July 1st - Saturday July 8th 2017) 

$2750; Limited to 8 Participants -- SOLD OUT

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Iceland has earned it’s reputation as the premiere landscape photography destination on the planet. With jagged mountain peaks, infinite ocean vistas, massive glaciers, geothermal geysers, fascinating ice formations, deep winding canyons, and staggering waterfalls, these are just a few of the many geographic features that make Iceland so beloved by photographers.  Now picture yourself photographing all these locations in prolonged hours of golden light, with two seasoned instructors with geographic knowledge to get you to the best spots.  You’re on a beautiful island, thousands of miles from home; all your worries melt away as you escape to capture the exquisite beauty before you at every turn. Welcome to Iceland. Join Nick Page and Majeed Badizadegan on a highly exclusive Summer tour of the stunning countryside of Iceland.  

The Ultimate Oregon Coast Tour & Workshop with Nick Page

Dates/Itinerary  (Monday, November 5th - Sunday, November 12th)

$1295; Limited to 10 Participants SOLD OUT

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The Oregon Coast is a world-renowned destination for it’s unique and abundant coastline. Photographers travel from around the world to capture the unique rugged coastline characterized by towering monoliths, dramatic rugged coastal rocks and bluffs, sandstone cliffs carved by winter storms, and picturesque lighthouses--  all surrounded by the raw and powerful Pacific Ocean. Join photographers Majeed Badizadegan and Nick Page, professionals who know and love the coastal areas, as they take you along on an exciting journey through stunning landscapes in an action-packed workshop. Photo enthusiasts, landscape lovers, and adventure seekers, let's experience the Oregon Coast.

Kauai: Photographing Paradise Workshop with Nick Page

Dates/Itinerary 7 Days (December 10th - 17th 2017) 

$1950; Limited to 8 Participants -- !! 1 spot remaining !! 

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You haven’t experienced a true tropical paradise until you visit the island of Kauai. Named the “Garden Island”, Kauai is ripe with jaw-dropping landscapes at every turn. You’ll see the towering fluted cliffs along the Na Pali coastline, dramatic rugged coastal rocks surrounded by shimmering blue water, photogenic lighthouses, raw and powerful ocean surf, thundering waterfalls, and more. With quickly changing weather and a humid environment, tropical sunsets and sunrises are commonplace. Now imagine yourself in the warm sand, capturing the diverse beauty of one of the most untouched islands on the Hawaiian island chain. Photographers Majeed Badizadegan and Nick Page both know and love this beautiful island, and want to share its treasures with you. With our combined location knowledge, instructing experience, and passion for photography, we will take you to the best possible photo locations.



Group Workshop Testimonials

Count me as a satisfied customer! This is one of the best trips I've ever been on. Iceland was beautiful and I really feel like I got to see the best parts of it and come back with some great pictures. Nick and Majeed definitely know their stuff and I really enjoyed learning from them. Getting to photograph the aurora on our last night was an amazing experience and also a great lesson in landscape photography. I would love to do another workshop with you guys sometime

E.J. -- California


Can’t say enough about my experience in Iceland with Majeed and Nick ,would with out a doubt join them in another workshop.They are fun to be around and easy to approach to ask any questions. I came away with new knowledge and a group of new friends.

M.A. -- Oregon


I loved every minute of this workshop and would recommend it to photographers of all skill levels. 

R.S. -- New Jersey

I would sign up for the Oregon Coast workshop again in a heartbeat.  You just can't get the images wandering the Oregon coast on your own.  Having two  phenomenal photographers with local knowledge giving you the inside scoop on the great locations, great instructors, and adapting to the weather conditions.  Don't miss the next Ultimate Oregon Coast Workshop.  

R.A. -- Michigan


I really enjoyed the workshop, even though we got skunked on a few of the days. I was happy for the opportunity to get out and shoot on the Oregon Coast knowing that I had Majeed there for any questions or issues that I may have been having. The overall mood of the workshop was kept light and fun. I would easily recommend it to anyone who was thinking of signing up for a workshop in the future.

E.A. -- Canada


I had the pleasure of doing a daylong workshop with Majeed in the Spring of 2015. Majeed met me at the crack of dawn and took me to some beautiful waterfalls. If I had tried to go it alone I probably would not have achieved half of what I did because some of the trails to get to the falls were not easy and having someone with me made me feel a lot more comfortable. Majeed was an amazing guide and stayed with me until very late in the day. During peak sun times we worked on processing which he is an expert at. I came away with some beautiful shots and when I return to Oregon I will definitely hook up with Majeed again. 

T.T. -- Conneticut