Workshop Client Testimonials

Majeed is currently offering large group and private workshops around the pacific northwest. Come experience the stunning glory and diversity of the pacific northwest landscape with a knowledgable local guide.  See what his previous clients have to say bout their experiences:


I loved every minute of this workshop and would recommend it to photographers of all skill levels. 

R.S. -- New Jersey

I would sign up for the Oregon Coast workshop again in a heartbeat.  You just can't get the images wandering the Oregon coast on your own.  Having two  phenomenal photographers with local knowledge giving you the inside scoop on the great locations, great instructors, and adapting to the weather conditions.  Don't miss the next Ultimate Oregon Coast Workshop.  

R.A. -- Michigan


I really enjoyed the workshop, even though we got skunked on a few of the days. I was happy for the opportunity to get out and shoot on the Oregon Coast knowing that I had Majeed there for any questions or issues that I may have been having. The overall mood of the workshop was kept light and fun. I would easily recommend it to anyone who was thinking of signing up for a workshop in the future.

E.A. -- Canada


"I had the pleasure of doing a daylong workshop with Majeed in the Spring of 2015. Majeed met me at the crack of dawn and took me to some beautiful waterfalls. If I had tried to go it alone I probably would not have achieved half of what I did because some of the trails to get to the falls were not easy and having someone with me made me feel a lot more comfortable. Majeed was an amazing guide and stayed with me until very late in the day. During peak sun times we worked on processing which he is an expert at. I came away with some beautiful shots and when I return to Oregon I will definitely hook up with Majeed again. "

T.T. -- Conneticut


"Majeed was very patient and knowledgeable. I would not have gone on the cape if I were by myself for sure. Now that I got some pointers from you about composition and I can practice them in the coming days. I hope to see you next year again to shoot Oregon coast."

P.I. -- New York


"Just wanted to say thanks to Majeed for the week he spent with me coaching me in the art of landscape photography. His teaching style was easy going which was a huge benefit with constantly changing conditions. I found value in watching his approach to composition and how he continuously looked for the best possible angle which reminded me to keep looking beyond what came naturally to me or obviously to me. His knowledge of Post production was invaluable and helped me gain a much deeper understanding of creating finesse and subtly in an image. And of course his local knowledge was priceless. Thanks again it was a brilliant week."

G.A. -- Australia


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