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Thor's Majesty

Thor's Majesty


I am so gravitated to this spot on the Oregon coast, called Thor's Well. Water shoots straight up this hole and waves come crashing in on either side of you. It's a dangerous, adrenaline-pumping experience. 

Tides were particularly dangerous this day. In fact, the risk became a reality when a big wave came in and knocked me and my camera down. I was in full waders, but I was no match for the force of the surf.

I had one of my tripod legs wedged in between a couple rocks to keep the tripod stable. I was easily withstanding water that would come up to the knee. But the force of the wave (probably a little over waste high) bent my tripod's leg to a 45 degree angle and knocked me over. I've never experienced anything like it. 

Fortunately I just scuffed my knee, and besides that, there was no major equipment damage.

I was lucky to get such wave action and a big sky to go along with it. 


Can this type of shot be done with a drone?
wonderful image! your bravery is well commended ;)
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